St. Vincent & The Grenadines Online Travel Guide

Apostolic Faith Church - Camden Park

City: Camden Park
Phone: 784-457-7259

Apostolic Faith Church - Greggs

City: Greggs
Phone: 784-458-9306

Apostolic Faith Church - Lower Questelles

City: Lower Questelles
Phone: 784-457-7960

Apostolic Faith Church - Paul Over

City: Paul Over
Phone: 784-457-2704

Biabou Evangelical Church

City: Biabou
Phone: 784-458-0508

Brighton Methodist Church

City: Brighton Village
Phone: 784-456-8082

Calvary Baptist Church

City: Arnos Vale
Phone: 784-456-4685

Catholic Church - Catechetical Office

Phone: 784-456-2215

Catholic Church - Catechetical Commission

Phone: 784-457-2215

Catholic Church - Sandy Bay

Phone: 784-451-1207

Catholic Church - St Patrick's Friendly Society

Address: White Chapel Rd.
Phone: 784-457-1851

Church of Christ

City: Kingstown Park
Phone: 784-457-2038

Church Of God

City: Fairhall
Phone: 784-457-5078

Church Of God Of Prophecy - Belair

City: Belair
Phone: 784-456-4382

Church Of God Of Prophecy - Sharpe Street

Address: Sharpe Street
Phone: 784-457-1166

Church Of God Worldwide Mission Pentecostal

City: Redemption Sharpes
Phone: 784-457-9554

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

City: Kingstown Park
Phone: 784-457-2466

Church Of The Ascension

City: Sion Hill
Phone: 784-451-2241

Church Of The Nazarene - Rillan Hill

City: Rillan Hill
Phone: 784-457-8345

Church Of The Nazarene - Arnos Vale

City: Arnos Vale
Phone: 784-456-4789

Deliverance Baptist Church

City: Lauders
Phone: 784-458-6693

Evangelical Church Of The W I

City: New Montrose
Phone: 784-457-9103

Evesham Seventh Day Adventist Church

City: Evesham
Phone: 784-451-3168

Faith Deliverance Church

City: Lodge Village
Phone: 784-453-1208

Faith Spiritual Baptist Church

City: New Montrose
Phone: 784-457-0815

Fellowship Baptist Church

City: Ratho Mill
Phone: 784-456-8287

Freedom Hall Church of God

City: Cedars
Phone: 784-458-1904

Fundamental Bible Church

City: Gibson Corner
Phone: 784-457-0262

Georgetown Anglican Church

Address: Commercial Road
City: Georgetown
Phone: 784-458-9526

Glen Baptist Church

City: Villa Flat
Phone: 784-457-5505
Fax: 784-457-5505

Glen Christian Church

City: Glen
Phone: 784-457-5336

Green Hill Evangelical Church

City: Green Hill
Phone: 784-457-0627

Kingstown Baptist Church

Address: PO Box 1488
City: Old Montrose
Phone: 784-457-9539

Kingstown Evangelical Church

City: Victoria Park
Phone: 784-451-2354

Layou Miracle Church

City: Layou
Phone: 784-456-7282

Methodist Church - Kingstown

City: Kingstown
Phone: 784-457-1989

Methodist Church - Arnos Vale

City: Arnos Vale
Phone: 784-456-5635

Methodist Church Manse

City: Georgetown
Phone: 784-458-6345

Methodist Church Office

City: Centre Stubbs
Phone: 784-458-0284

Mount Sinai Spiritual Baptist Church

City: Carriere
Phone: 784-458-1440

New Life Temple Pentecostal Church

City: Three Rivers South Rivers
Phone: 784-458-6201

New Testament Church Of God - Wilson Hill Kingstown

City: Wilson Hill Kingstown
Phone: 784-457-1115

New Testament Church Of God - Liberty Lodge

City: Liberty Lodge
Phone: 784-457-9983

New Testament Church Of God - Lowmans Hill

City: Lowmans Hill
Phone: 784-457-8094

New Testament Church Of God - Belair

City: Belair
Phone: 784-456-4393

New Testament Church Of God - Browns Town Georgetown

City: Browns Town Georgetown
Phone: 784-458-9988

New Testament Church Of God - Diamond

City: Diamond
Phone: 784-457-6435

Open Bible Standard Church

City: Old Montrose
Phone: 784-457-0642

Paget Farm Evangelical Church

City: Paget Farm Bequia
Phone: 784-458-3199

Paget Farm Seventh Day Adventist Church

City: Paget Farm Bequia
Phone: 784-458-3114

Park Hill Church of God

City: Park Hill
Phone: 784-451-1747

Port Elizabeth Evangelical Church

City: Port Elizabeth Bequia
Phone: 784-457-3840

Questelles Evangelical Church Christian Centre

City: Questelles
Phone: 784-457-8285

Revival Centre Church

City: Murray Village
Phone: 784-457-2892

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Ashton

City: Ashton Union Island
Phone: 784-458-8661

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Calder

City: Calder
Phone: 784-458-1616

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Colonarie

City: Colonarie
Phone: 784-458-9753

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Fountain

City: Fountain
Phone: 784-456-5265

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Greggs

City: Greggs
Phone: 784-458-6178

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Kingstown

City: Kingstown
Phone: 784-457-2772

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Lowmans Wd

City: Lowmans Wd
Phone: 784-458-9321

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Maranatha

City: Maranatha Old Montrose
Phone: 784-457-0472

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Mount Moriah

City: Mount Moriah Prospect
Phone: 784-456-9311

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Port Elizabeth

City: Port Elizabeth Bequia
Phone: 784-458-3815

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Questelles

City: Questelles
Phone: 784-457-7585

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Richland Park

City: Richland Park
Phone: 784-458-1774

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Stubbs

City: Stubbs
Phone: 784-458-0934

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Biabou

City: Biabou
Phone: 784-458-1142

St Bethel Spiritual Baptist Church

City: Old Montrose
Phone: 784-457-9665

St Joseph Spiritual Baptist Church

City: North Union
Phone: 784-458-9965

St Malachi Spiritual Baptist Church

City: Redemption Sharpes
Phone: 784-457-9608

St Mary's Spiritual Baptist Church

City: Overland
Phone: 784-458-6978

St Peters Spiritual Baptist Church

City: Lowmans Wd
Phone: 784-457-6410

St Phillips Baptist Church

City: Chapmans Village
Phone: 784-457-6098

Sullivan New Life Spiritual Baptist Church

City: Choice Hill Village
Phone: 784-457-8262

Wesleyan Holiness Church - Camden Park

City: Camden Park
Phone: 784-457-7238

Wesleyan Holiness Church - Clare Valley

City: Clare Valley
Phone: 784-457-7552

Wesleyan Holiness Church - Georgetown

City: Georgetown
Phone: 784-458-6711

Wesleyian Holiness Church

City: Buccament Bay
Phone: 784-458-7023

West Indies Mission Of The Church

City: McKies Hill
Phone: 784-456-5824

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