St. Vincent & The Grenadines Online Travel Guide

Visit St. Vincent and the Grenadines for one of the most beautiful sailing spots in the Caribbean. Unspoiled by mass tourism, this archipelago offers an enchanting and friendly atmosphere for your sailing vacation. Spend a day touring the parishes of St. Vincent, then explore the waters between Young Island Cut, Bequia, Musitique, and the many more islands that make up the Grenadines. Whether seeing some great sights on land or diving into the sea off the side of your boat, you won't have a single dull moment when you sail these islands! Find charter sailboats starting in St. Vincent and the Grenadines here, or read more at the Sailing Charter Caribbean site for general information, especially for the first time trying a tropical sailing charter including an article there just on charter sailing from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Barefoot Yacht Charters
St Vincent's premier yacht charter company, is owned and operated by the Barnard family. We insist on a highly personalized service including a satellite weather service, waterfront restaurant and bar.

Islandtime Holidays
We are a team of travel specialists residing in the Caribbean, dedicated to assist you in discovering the so far relatively unknown Grenadines, a tropical paradise. Being sailors ourselves we regularly visit all of the Grenadine Islands.

Erika's Marine Services
Charter a yacht and let the crew sail you from one romantic island to another while you relax and enjoy the beautiful Grenadines islands, sipping a refreshing drink made just to your taste.

Chan Tours
Allow us to take you on an exclusive day excursion to your preferred island while in the Caribbean - perhaps cruising the Grenadines on board our 45ft luxury catamaran or a jeep safari in St. Lucia and Grenada.

Friendship Rose
Join the classic island Schooner and discover a timeless Caribbean. Relax and let the chef and crew look after you while you float on serene,turquoise water with an island drink in your hand peering from the bow at the dolphins and turtles.

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