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For couples that desire romantic accommodations for their St. Vincent and the Grenadines destination wedding, rest assured that the perfect hotel or resort lies waiting for you. Although these tropical islands remain relatively undeveloped (and several contain absolutely no people at all), pockets of luxury and intimacy lie hidden amidst the natural beauty, where couples want for nothing and marry on stunning beaches or beautifully manicured hotel grounds. Couples can choose from luxury resorts, such as the Palm Island Resort that covers the entirety of Palm Island, or from a simple villa or apartment overlooking the beach on Bequia. Head to the exclusive hotels and rub elbows with celebrities on Mustique, or to a small family-owned business such as the Frangipani, full of charm and an inviting Caribbean atmosphere. And regardless of the posh or simple nature of your accommodations, outdoor beauty always remains the focus, with virtually deserted beaches usually only minutes away.

Staying at a St. Vincent and the Grenadines hotel or resort also comes with several advantages for planning your destination wedding celebration. They frequently come with wedding coordinators who can help you navigate through your planning stages, and take away any stress that might come with organizing far from home. Hotels also typically offer wedding and honeymoon packages with luxurious amenities perfect for a romantic trip. Booking a stay at a hotel or resort near your location of choice also guarantees easy access on the day of your wedding– some islands in St. Vincent and the Grenadines remain private property of their hotels, and while visitors are encouraged to explore the beaches during the day, holding a wedding may prove difficult unless you check into the nearby hotel. At the end of the day, hotel services can help save you the stress and worry of planning all your wedding details in a foreign country, allowing you time to relax and soak in the stunning scenery and relaxing beaches! Enjoy a beautiful and intimate St. Vincent and the Grenadines destination wedding, all while celebrating in your own tropical home away from home!


The Canouan Resort

Located on the island of Canouan in the Grenadines, The Canouan Resort (formerly the Ruffles Canouan) offers 200 acres of island luxury, ideal for couples planning a romantic destination wedding. The resort itself descends steadily down a mountainside until flattening completely in front of the calm bay, creating a natural amphitheatre-like effect. A large 17th century English church rests in the middle of the complex, a popular and dramatic location for wedding ceremonies. Other brides prefer a spot on the lovely white sand beaches, more traditional of a Caribbean destination wedding. The resort includes extra services and a “For the Fortunate Two” package, which couples can add or take away from as they see necessary. With a multitude of possibilities, including entertainment, decorations, reception areas, fine dining, and beautiful venues to keep your guests wide-eyed all night long, couples can plan a personalized intimate ceremony or elaborate wedding celebration.

Once the wedding ends, indulge on your honeymoon with a stay in the lap of luxury. Play a round of golf or tennis, or explore the 3 different beaches easily accessible from the resort (with more only a short trip away). Charter a visit to one of the many other Grenadine Islands, or stay close to home in the spirit of true relaxation. Four restaurants and bars, a spa, swimming pool, and other amenities ensure your comfort, and a luxury suite or villa awaits to lull you to sleep in the warm island night.

To book a room visit: The Canouan Resort


The Canouan Resort
Canouan Island
VC0450, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Phone: (1 784) 458-8000
Fax: (1 784) 458-8885


With so many islands in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a wide selection of picture-perfect beaches await couples planning their destination wedding ceremonies, with something to suit every taste! Because St. Vincent and the Grenadines remain fairly undeveloped, few high-rise hotels or noisy distractions line the shores of these Caribbean gems. Couples find no difficulty in locating a pristine and beautiful beach, the perfect romantic setting for exchanging vows!

White sand beaches dominate in the Grenadines, many of them long stretches bordered in palm trees and protected by reefs. In St. Vincent, a volcanic island, the beaches gradually turn to coarse black sand as you head north, a distinctive trait that some couples find stunning. Others, however, stick to the more popular white sand beaches of the south due to their traditional appearance (but these beaches also usually contain more people).

By law, all beaches in St. Vincent and the Grenadines remain open to the public, although some high-end and exclusive resorts make it difficult to explore anywhere beyond the water. In these cases, it often proves easier to simply check into the nearby resort to save yourself the hassle of trying to set up in a private location. While some of these islands remain easily accessible by airplane, others, such as Union Island or the Tobago Cays, require a boat to reach – part of the tradeoff for such tranquil beauty and peaceful isolation. Couples can choose between beaches with complete privacy and no amenities, or to indulge in the luxuries of a nearby resort – all in the unspoiled setting of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, one of the Caribbean’s stunning and still relatively undiscovered treasures!

St. Vincent

Villa Bay Beach

Close to the capital city of Kingston, many consider this south-lying beach one of the most popular on St. Vincent due to its soft white sand shore and many nearby hotels and resorts. While the northern beaches of this volcanic island gradually turn to course black sand, Villa Bay remains light and generally more popular with visitors. The many nearby accommodations make this location convenient for couples planning a destination wedding, and the beach itself offers beautiful views of Young Island across the calm blue waters. This beach occasionally draws crowds, particularly on weekends, so plan your ceremony time accordingly – people frequently come here for the great swimming, snorkeling, food shacks, and water sports rentals.

Indian Bay Beach

Also a white sand beach located to the south, Indian Bay offers stunning, sweeping views of the bright blue water, interrupted only by the vivid green mounds of Young Island and the other Grenadines. The water remains calm and inviting in the warm Caribbean air, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Indian Bay provides an incredibly convenient place to hold a destination wedding. It remains easily accessible, contains restaurants and facilities, and comes with scenery sure to knock your guests’ socks off. However, much like Villa Bay, it frequently becomes crowded, especially on the weekends. You may want to consider an earlier or later ceremony time when choosing Indian Bay as your destination wedding location.


Friendship Bay Beach

Located on the charming Grenadines Island of Bequia, Friendship Bay Beach on the southern coast provides a beautiful backdrop of fine, soft white sand bordered in waving, lush palm trees and greenery that rise upwards in a dramatic hill. Gazing out to the water, visitors find the blue line of the sea, in shades of green, aqua, and turquoise. Friendship Bay offers ample shade and a low-key, laidback atmosphere, popular both with locals and with visitors. For a more convenient experience, book a stay at one of several nearby accommodations; a hotel, villas, and apartments all wait to provide the perfect overnight stay for newlyweds. Return for your honeymoon and partake of the restaurants and their great local cuisine, and the excellent swimming and snorkeling in the calm, warm waters.

Palm Island

Casuarina Beach

An absolutely stunning beach of white sand and turquoise waters, Casuarina Beach is one of four beaches on Palm Island. A divine stretch of soft powder and the lush green hill of the island in the background invite your senses to drink in this Caribbean paradise, a quintessential Grenadines beauty.

However, the island remains the home of the exclusive Palm Island Resort, which welcomes visitors so long as they stick to the beach – but casual day drop-ins find themselves limited in exploring the island. If you wish to use Casuarina Beach as the backdrop for your destination wedding, it’s virtually required that you book a stay at the Palm Island Resort. If your budget doesn’t allow for this expense (the Palm Island Resort stays fairly pricey), consider returning for a relaxing honeymoon swim, and enjoying this lovely gem of a shore!


Macaroni Beach

A playground for the rich and famous, many consider Mustique one of the most beautiful of the Grenadines. No wedding guide to the Grenadines would be complete without mentioning it, although many of the properties that cover it remain extremely exclusive. The island itself consists of 7 beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery, with stretches of sweeping white sand framed by vivid splashes of blue ocean and green native plant life. A private island owned by the Mustique Company, villas and luxury resorts await discerning couples looking for a memorable honeymoon or destination wedding setting. Many of them house famous celebrities and figures of note from around the world. It is not recommended that you try and hold your ceremony on Mustique unless you book accommodations there – while visitors can access the beach during the day, mostly by yacht, access to certain parts of the island remain limited.

Macaroni Beach, perhaps the most popular and beautiful beach of the 7, draws couples with its heartbreakingly romantic calm blue waters, soft white sand, and laidback Caribbean atmosphere. Hold your ceremony right on the shore, or return for your honeymoon for an intimate stroll and swim.


Godahl Bay Beach

This white stretch of sand, currently home to the Canouan Resort, invites couples to marry right where the water meets the shore against a beautiful backdrop of white sand and blue water. Protected by a large reef, Godahl Bay Beach stays relatively calm, drawing guests of the resort for swimming, snorkeling, and water sports. A nearby bar and grill offers refreshment, while palapas provide welcome shade (but for use of hotel guests only!) It’s recommended that if you hold your wedding on Godahl Bay Beach, you check into the Canouan Resort to take advantage of their many services (and to have fuller access to the entire beach.)

Union Island

Chatham Bay Beach

A very quiet and secluded beach resting on the western side of Union Bay, Chatham Bay Beach offers calm anchorage for boaters (and indeed, you can only access it by water, or through a fairly strenuous hike.) But the rewards make the trip well worth it, as this stretch of white sand offers beautiful views and even better sunsets, ideal for a destination wedding ceremony. One of the most popular beaches in Union Island, its relative difficulty to access means that it never truly becomes crowded. Enjoy the peaceful isolation as you exchange vows, and then watch the sun sink below the turquoise waters on this lovely gem of a beach!


Saltwhistle Bay Beach

The perfect curve of Saltwhistle Bay Beach entices couples with soft white sand bordered in palm trees, and an atmosphere of relative peace and tranquility. Calm waters offer great opportunities for sports, and the long stretch of soft sand creates the ideal setting for romantic strolls or exchanging vows! The nearby Saltwhistle Bay Club hotel provides food and amenities, but even with the hotel guests, couples find it easy to locate a quiet corner. Indulge in the friendly and intimate atmosphere of Mayreau, on one of its most beautiful and sought-out beaches for your destination wedding ceremony!

Tobago Cays

The Tobago Cays consist of 5 uninhabited islands that rest near Union Island and Canouan, accessible only by boat. Completely isolated and pristine, they offer endless ideal locations for destination wedding ceremonies, in one of arguably the most beautiful locations in the Caribbean. Comprised of 4 islands protected by the snorkeler’s paradise of Horseshoe Reef (Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Jamesby and Baradal) and the lonely Petit Tabac beyond, these islands offer intimacy, privacy, romance, and absolutely stunning scenery for the perfect Grenadines destination wedding.

Enjoy the long stretches of soft white sand and the many shades of the Caribbean Sea as it fades from turquoise to deep blue beyond, with absolutely no hotels, businesses, or other distractions to mar the views. And because the St. Vincent and the Grenadines government protects the area as a marine park, the beauty both above and below the waves remains completely unspoiled. Listen to the rush of the water, dig your toes into the warm sand, and celebrate with your loved ones in your very own island paradise, cut off from the rest of the hectic world.

Because the government protects the Tobago Cays Marine Park, destination-wedding parties must pay a fee of $300 to hold their wedding on one of the islands. Certain restrictions, such as no fishing or motorized water sports, also apply to this location. The Tobago Cays work best for small and intimate ceremonies, as you must transport everything needed by boat (it is suggested that you hire an independent wedding planner, or use the planner from your hotel for assistance with this location.) However, a destination wedding ceremony in the Tobago Cays captures an exquisite piece of the islands, in a series of memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives!

Website: Tobago Cays


Tobago Cays Marine Park
Clifton, Union Island
St.Vincent & the Grenadines

Telephone: (784) 485-8191
Fax: (784) 485-8192


Fewer places in the Caribbean offer more villa selections than St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with its chain of beautiful islands that all come with their own unique personalities. Choose a villa on the large, lush island of St. Vincent and enjoy a laidback and largely undeveloped atmosphere, or head south to one of the many gem-like islands that await your destination wedding plans in the Caribbean Sea. The Grenadines offer a multitude of different experiences, from charming Bequia to elegant and exclusive Mustique to the friendly and laidback atmosphere of Canouan – the choice is yours, with each destination more perfect than the last!

Villas make great locations for destination weddings, as they offer more privacy and exclusivity than hotel rooms or even resorts. With your own accommodations, you can feel free to hold your ceremony and reception wherever you prefer – on one of the many nearby beaches, near your pool, or perhaps on the lovely manicured grounds or gardens. St. Vincent and the Grenadines villas also come in a range of prices and sizes, from the extremely elegant and high-cost rentals of Mustique to smaller, comfortable accommodations throughout the islands. Hire an independent wedding planner to help put together the wedding of your dreams – some villas even come fully staffed and prepared to help with cooking, cleaning, and organization, while others may need the assistance of outside resources. And after the wedding ceremony, enjoy a honeymoon in your own private residence without ever straying far from your idyllic location. Hold the wedding ceremony and reception you’ve always imagined in an enchanting villa, your own special and private location in St. Vincent and the Grenadines!


Apostolic Faith Church
Camden Park, St. Vincent
Greggs, St. Vincent
Lower Questelles, St. Vincent
Paul Over

Biabou Evangelical Church

Brighton Methodist Church
Brighton Village

Calvary Baptist Church
Arnos Vale

Catholic Church
Catechetical Office
Catechetical Commission
Or: 456-2209
Sandy Bay
St Patrick's Friendly Society
White Chapel Rd.

Church of Christ
Kingstown Park

Church Of God

Church Of God Of Prophecy
Sharpe Street

Church Of God Worldwide Mission Pentecostal
Redemption Sharpes

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Kingstown Park

Church Of The Ascension
Sion Hill

Church Of The Nazarene
Rillan Hill
Arnos Vale

Deliverance Baptist Church

Evangelical Church Of The W I
New Montrose

Evesham Seventh Day Adventist Church

Faith Deliverance Church
Lodge Village

Faith Spiritual Baptist Church
New Montrose

Fellowship Baptist Church
Ratho Mill

Freedom Hall Church of God

Fundamental Bible Church
Gibson Corner

Georgetown Anglican Church
Commercial Road
Telephone: 784-458-9526

Glen Baptist Church
Villa Flat
Telephone: 784-457-5505
Fax: 784-457-5505

Glen Christian Church
Telephone: 784-457-5336

Green Hill Evangelical Church
Green Hill
Telephone: 784-457-0627

Kingstown Baptist Church
Old Montrose
PO Box 1488
Telephone: 784-457-9539

Old Montrose
Telephone: 784-453-1216

Kingstown Evangelical Church
Victoria Park
Telephone: 784-451-2354

Layou Miracle Church
Telephone: 784-456-7282

Methodist Church
Telephone: 784-457-1989
Fax: 784-457-1491

Arnos Vale
Telephone: 784-456-5635

Methodist Church Manse
Telephone: 784-458-6345

Methodist Church Office
Centre Stubbs
Telephone: 784-458-0284

Mount Sinai Spiritual Baptist Church
Telephone: 784-458-1440

New Life Temple Pentecostal Church
Three Rivers
South Rivers
Telephone: 784-458-6201

New Testament Church Of God
Wilson Hill Kingstown
Telephone: 784-457-1115

Liberty Lodge
Telephone: 784-457-9983

Lowmans Hill
Telephone: 784-457-8094

Telephone: 784-456-4393

Browns Town Georgetown
Telephone: 784-458-9988

Telephone: 784-457-6435

Open Bible Standard Church
Old Montrose
Dasent Cottage
Telephone: 784-457-0642

Paget Farm Evangelical Church
Paget Farm
Telephone: 784-458-3199

Paget Farm Seventh Day Adventist Church
Paget Farm
Telephone: 784-458-3114

Park Hill Church of God
Park Hill
Telephone: 784-451-1747

Port Elizabeth Evangelical Church
Port Elizabeth
Telephone: 784-457-3840

Questelles Evangelical Church Christian Centre
Telephone: 784-457-8285

Revival Centre Church
Murray Village
Telephone: 784-457-2892

Seventh Day Adventist Church
Union Island
Telephone: 784-458-8661

Telephone: 784-458-1616

Telephone: 784-458-9753

Telephone: 784-456-5265

Telephone: 784-458-6178

Telephone: 784-457-2772

Lowmans Wd
Telephone: 784-458-9321

Old Montrose
Telephone: 784-457-0472

Mount Moriah
Telephone: 784-456-9311

Port Elizabeth
Telephone: 784-458-3815

Telephone: 784-457-7585

Richland Park
Telephone: 784-458-1774

Telephone: 784-458-0934

Seventh Day Adventist Church Biabou
Telephone: 784-458-1142

St Bethel Spiritual Baptist Church
Old Montrose
Telephone: 784-457-9665

St Joseph Spiritual Baptist Church
North Union
Telephone: 784-458-9965

St Malachi Spiritual Baptist Church
Redemption Sharpes
Telephone: 784-457-9608

St Mary’s Spiritual Baptist Church
Telephone: 784-458-6978

St Peters Spiritual Baptist Church
Lowmans Wd
Telephone: 784-457-6410

St Phillips Baptist Church
Chapmans Village
Telephone: 784-457-6098

Sullivan New Life Spiritual Baptist Church
Choice Hill Village
Telephone: 784-457-8262

Wesleyan Holiness Church
Camden Park
Telephone: 784-457-7238

Clare Valley
Telephone: 784-457-7552

Telephone: 784-458-6711

Wesleyian Holiness Church
Buccament Bay
Telephone: 784-458-7023

West Indies Mission Of The Church
McKies Hill
Telephone: 784-456-5824

*List courtesy of the St. Vincent & the Grenadines Yellowpages

Other Venues:

St. Vincent Botanical Gardens

For those who prefer an alternative outdoor venue, the St. Vincent Botanical Gardens provide a fantastic backdrop of lush flowers and trees perfect for a fairy-tale Caribbean destination wedding. Only 1 mile from St. Vincent’s capital city of Kingston, the gardens offer 20 acres of winding paths, lawns, a lily pond, and even an aviary containing the island’s national bird (the St. Vincent parrot). Established in 1765, many consider the botanical park one of the oldest in the Western hemisphere, and people still utilize it today for local celebrations, relaxing strolls, family get-togethers, and of course, fabulous weddings. Imagine saying your “I do’s” in the middle of native beauty, surrounded by the scents of hundreds of flowers on a perfect island day. Contact the St. Vincent Botanical Gardens, and turn your dream St. Vincent destination wedding into a reality!


Kingstown, St. Vincent
Telephone: 784-457-1003

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